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Welcome to the ENYYSA Risk Management Registration System. For volunteers 18 years and older, please complete the On-line Volunteer Disclosure Form accurately and completely. You must enter your given name as it appears on your social security card. If the information is not correct there will be a delay in obtaining your soccer privileges in ENYYSA. If the information you provide cannot be verified, or if there is a question, YOU WILL RECEIVE communication from ENYYSA.
If you are unable to provide all the information on this form or do not have or do not want to provide a social security number, you must use the alternate background check procedure (above in drop down menu).
When your background check is complete, and you are risk management cleared YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMING e-mail. Your League and or Club may require that you submit this confirmation, PLEASE KEEP A COPY.
Register or re-register by using the online volunteer disclosure form.

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